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      Applied material

      Our Service

      Applied material department provides customers complete solutions and technical support in the field of material application.? Our services include high performance engineering plastic injection, machining, extrusion (plate, rod, tube & film), coating and OEM/ODM/ Assembly for plastics parts/components made of PEEK, PBI, TPI, PI, PAI, PEI, PES, PVDF, LCP, PPS, PA6, PP, PA66, PC, UPE, HDPE, etc.

      Our Capability

      The properties of high performance engineering plastic are wear-resistant, thermo-stable, acid-proof and so on, Link Upon has been devoting to innovation, introducing new technology, equipment and taking strictly control in each processing parameter to conform tolerance requirement. Therefore, we can reduce massive work of machining process, minimize material consumption and processing cost.? With these material related experience and technology, we provide quality products and best service.

      Our Business Strategy

      In accordance to meet the marketing requirements and maximize benefits, we integrate the related technology and products, also provide our customers the specialized technical consultation. Having constantly improvement and strictly self- request, to create values for customers through excellent products and services.